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A picture of the "Silent Spring Book" published in 1962 and its author, Rachael Carson

A cost estimate of the bridge design using the sandwich structure composite material.

Scientific design plans of bridge components using the sandwich composite structure material.

A letter composed by WPI student representatives to express their serious complaints for the WPI academic and social environment and their request for action.

A group of seemingly prominent people (either city officials, or businessmen, or WPI officials, etc) -judging from their attire - gazing at Salisbury Pond.

Water quality studies for the distribution of dissolved oxygen in Salisbury Pond; made by the students that did the 1973 research project for the Salisbury Pond Cleanup

A graphic map showing all the locations that students chose to take samples to examine the water quality of the Pond. The study was conducted as part of the 1973 research project to clean up the Salisbury Pond.

A proposed bridge design by WPI civil engineering students as part of their MQP.

An aerial photo of Salisbury Pond

Research project by WPI civil engineering students submitted to the Salisbury Pond Task Force
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