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A photograph of the Salisbury Mansion as it stands today. It has been kept as similar as possible to the past house.

sketch of Salisbury Street  corner of Boyton  1860.jpg
A sketch of the corner of Salisbury Street and Boynton Street before the creation of Institute Park.

small description.jpg
Newspaper article describing the potential planned improvements to the park such as the Norse Tower and foot bridge,

park diagram and announcement.jpg
A newspaper article describing the proposed layout of Institute Park along with the gift from Stephen Salisbury

A quote from Edward Winslow Lincoln about the donation of Institute Park from Stephen Salisbury and his conditions. The quote was from an article.

public works 1.jpg
An article from Worcester Public Works and Parks describing Institute Park and it's history. Speaks of its creation and how certain pieces got added.

coombs chronicle.jpg
An article from Coombs' Chronicles of Worcester about Institute Park. It talks about the creation and gift of the park.

salisburys 1.jpg
A newspaper article on the three Stephen Salisbury's that were important to Worcester and how they helped to develop it.

Stephen Salisbury's Letter .jpg
The letter Stephen Salisbury III sent to the mayor of Worcester upon gifting the park to the city, as printed in the Worcester Daily Telegram

Painting of Stephen Salisbury III by Frederic Porter Vinton done in 1891
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