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Side by side of 1895 and 2019

Side by side of c.1880 and 2019

ice storm affects trees, city document.JPG
An account of the weather's effect on Worcester's various park trees

pg11-urban parks.JPG
Definition of Urban Parks provided by faculty and students at WPI as a part of an Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP)

Institute Park - Island With BrIdge. Luce Neg, #288, tif.jpg
An image of the Institute Park’s Pine Grove, with its original White Pine Trees which have since disappeared from the Island.

Salisbury Pond  and general view of Institute Park.jpg
Pond-side view of the park before the growth of canopy cover.

Fortunately, there are forces at work attempting to undo the damage done to the urban forests of Worcester. Worcester Tree Initiative, now a part of Tower Hill Botanic Garden, that was formed in January, 2009 with the ambitious plan to plant 30,000…

A recent threat to trees in Worcester is the Emerald ash borer. As the name suggests, the beetle most severely affect ash trees. In contrast to the eradication movement for the Asian Longhorned Beetle, the strategy for this new species is one of…

The Hurricane of 1938 was a storm that ravaged New England, and the strongest in its history. In Worcester, the storm downed about 4000 trees in the streets, and about 11,000 in the parks and playgrounds. The full repair from the damage caused by…

ice damage.JPG
In 1921, Worcester experienced one of the worst ice storms in recent history. The storm itself delivered millions of tons of ice and paralyzed infrastructure throughout the city. As for the trees, a third of Worcester’s 40,000 shade trees were…
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